Thursday, February 25, 2016

FlashOver Fiction

My first attempt at writing fiction
because it was a challenge, 
(see below)

My Flashover Fiction Story

A beautiful place, this 10 mile paved path that ran along the saltwater canal way; a place she came often to in-line skate with friends. This day she parked her car and changed out of her sandals and into her rollerblades. 
This day she was alone, her mind filled with all that seemed to be unraveling. Pushing away from her car, the sun just barely above the horizon and the wind at her back, 
she was praying, "God why, why, why?”

She skated beyond her comfort zone, blading faster and further then her usual routine. The wind pushing her mile after mile, not stopping until the canal path ended to meet the ocean. 
Turning here, not stopping to rest, 
not stopping to listen for God's voice. 
Taking no time to look out across the horizon, nor to catch the beauty of the sun dancing across the surface of water. A sight she so loved, but not this day. 
She was anxious, “God what has changed?”

The wind that made it easy to blade down, was now against her. The sun now high in the sky. Why had she gone so far? Why had she forgotten her water bottle in the car? Why was she so unprepared? She use to be so responsible, to be confident in herself and in her God. But lately, her Christian life, family, church; too many problems, so many hurts and disappointments. 
Her heart cried out, ”God what shall I do?”

Not waiting for answers, she pushed on, the sun beating down and the wind against her every stride.  Angry, frustrated, hot and thirsty, she was forced to stop skating. 
She needed to cool down, she needed water. 

The only water available was the saltwater of the canal. 
The only way to get to it was to climb down a very steep, rocky incline. Taking off her skates, she carefully picked her way down the slope to the swift running current below. After finding a rock to sit on, she put her feet in the cold water. Taking up a handful to swishing it around in her mouth and then splashing some on her face;
It was just enough. 
 Enough to cool her down, enough to give her strength to continue the last couple miles, back to the fresh water bottle, forgotten in her car.

There God spoke to her heart ~

 in that still small voice he sometimes uses to get her attention. 

" Aww daughter of mine, 
You are very good at finding what you need for the moment … 
It is not enough. 
You are very good at taking sips that keep you going … 
It is not enough.  

And she knew...

It was true! She did pray daily - but with such a busy life, just a sip here or a sip on her way there.  She did read her Bible - when she could fit it in or when searching for a scripture for a need. 
She knew to listen for the Holy Spirit - but with so many other voices, it had become small sips, barely enough to get to the next place. 
God had not changed!  She had to turn back to her first love, she needed, once again, to make time to pray without distractions; to refocus and yield herself back to Him!

Here she bowed her head and heart as God continued… 
“You will find me when you seek me with all your heart. 
I want to guide you continually, 
to satisfy your thirsty soul; 
It is in me you will have rest for your soul. 
For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.”

Oh the joy and the hope that filled her! With a light heart and renewed strength, she looked outward watching the sunshine dancing on the the water like diamonds.

Romans 12:12

O God, you are my God; earnestly I seek you; my soul thirsts for you; my flesh faints for you, as in a dry and weary land where there is no water. So I have looked upon you in the sanctuary, beholding your power and glory. Because your steadfast love is better than life, my lips will praise you.  Psalm 63:1-3

Hebrews 4:16

 *CHALLENGE from the blog of Lori Roeleveld: … Write a Flashover fiction story, under 1000 words. (A flashover is the near-simultaneous ignition of most of the directly exposed combustible material in an enclosed area.) Let every believing writer/blogger ignite a fire in the hearts of our readers whether we have many or few. Write your own flashover fiction story and post it on your blog today. Paste a link to your story in the comments here. - See more at Lori's blog:

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